Special Services at St. John's



With Baptism God establishes an indissoluble bond between Him and the person baptized. This Sacrament requires advance preparation on the part of priest, parents, sponsors and/or godparents. This could include instructions and completion of necessary forms. Thirty days notice is usually required. Holy Baptism is usual administrated with the Eucharist on Sundays or other feast days. Contact the rector for more information.


Holy Communion is allowed to all persons who are Baptized. For children their parents decide when it is time for them to receive this sacrament for the first time. Talk to the Rector about preparation classes.


Children that are reaching their teen years are encouraged to attend confirmation classes. Adults who wish to be confirmed or received in to the Episcopal Church can speak to the Rector. Inquirers classes are provided periodically. Individual instruction is also possible.


Marriage at St. John's requires at least one of the parties be a baptized Christian. The ceremony must be attested by two witnesses and that the marriage confirm with the laws of the State of Illinois and the Canon Law of the Episcopal Church. At least ninety days notice must be given to the Rector to provide adequate time to arrange dates and arrange for the required pre-marital counseling. A booklet giving guidelines for weddings is available in the Parish Office.


Confession and Absolution is available to all who desire it and not limited to times of sickness. Confessions can be heard at any times by making an appointment with the priest.

UNCTION (Anointing of the sick):

Anointing of the sick is available to all with the Laying on of Hands and Anointing by the priest. God's great mercy is asked for the forgiveness of sins, release from suffering, restoration to wholeness and strength, deliverance from evil, preservation in all goodness and everlasting life.


St. Johns Columbarium is located within the Merris Memorial Garden, within the inter area of the foyer of the Church. Perpetual upkeep is provided. Niches are restricted to members of the Church and their families. The Columbarium committee encourages the planning for funeral services in order to eliminate additional stress at the time of bereavement and to provide a common "final resting place" for the family. Contact the Parish office for more information.